Why Motor Skills Matter
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          I am a pediatric physical therapist with over 30 years of experience. I have listened to many, many parents tell me that they have nagging thoughts about some aspect of their child’s development-only to brush it aside, or second-guess themselves, thinking they are being “neurotic”-that their fears are probably minor concerns that will fade over time. Not necessarily, and they are not being neurotic. They are being vigilant. 
          While all good resources for parents (including all the best books on child development) will tell you what your child’s physical milestones are, they don’t tell you how to ensure that your child reaches the proper milestones, what to do if he or she misses them, what the repercussions could be, or how and where to get additional support if it is called for. I wrote my book to guide parents through these critical issues and to provide them with an understanding of the importance of touch, movement and play in their child’s life. I hope to help parents raise emotionally well-balanced, more coordinated and happier children who are able to easily integrate the environment around them. I want to help children reach their potential. 
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