Why Motor Skills Matter

About the Author


Tara Liddle

Author of Why Motor Skills Matter


          Tara Liddle is a licensed pediatric physical therapist and is currently the regional director of pediatric therapy at MOTION PT Group. She received both her BS in Physical Therapy and a Master’s Degree in Physical Therapy Management of Developmental Disabilities from New York University. She wrote the first edition of Why Motor Skills Matter in 2003; the second edition is scheduled to be released in July 2018. Books two and three are currently in the works. Tara is also pursuing her Doctoral Degree in Pediatric Physical Therapy and hopes to have her degree by the fall of 2019. 
          Tara began her clinical experience at Rusk Institute in NYC, working in pediatric rehabilitation. She then moved over to Lenox Hill Hospital to start a therapy program in the neonatal intensive care unit and a neonatal follow-up program with a pediatrician. In 1989, she also began her private practice in NYC, serving children with special abilities, neurological syndromes, developmental coordination disorders, sensory processing disorders, developmental delays, and torticollis. In addition, Tara has worked within early intervention programs (children 0 to 3) and with The Board of Education. 
           While treating pediatric patients in her private practice, many of their parents suggested she write a book based on the ongoing questions they had. 
           Tara is a frequent speaker at hospitals, schools, and parenting groups. She hopes her message regarding the importance of motor and sensory development will give children the tools they need to be more confident, self-aware, and assured throughout their lives. Her “back to basics” approach with simple techniques and toys are easily adapted into daily activities. 
           Tara draws on her more than 30 years of experience as a pediatric physical therapist working with children ages 0 to 18 to provide an understanding of the sensory system, the importance of touch, the roles of movement and play, and the effects these activities have on neurodevelopment and social development in early childhood. 
She cares about the future success of children. Her dream is to help them have a sense of confidence in navigating the world around them. 

          Tara’s passion for helping children and her love of animals goes beyond her professional life and has led her to board affiliations with Girls Learn International, Crutches4Kids, and Empowers Africa. She is also involved with many other charities focused on helping children and animals. Each month Tara plans to donate a percentage of proceeds from her book to a designated charity. 

          She is the mother of two children and resides in NYC with her husband. Besides spending time with her family, Tara also enjoys fitness, cooking, reading, the outdoors, traveling, and supporting the arts.