Why Motor Skills Matter


Winter Fun

“People are like snowflakes, every one is special.” - Unknown

By Cara Yochai, PT, DPT

The temperature is getting cooler and the days are getting shorter.  Winter season is quickly approaching. It often seems like there are fewer activities for you and your child to participate in during the winter months.  However, there are plenty of ways to stay moving and to continue to develop motor skills.


  • Coloring:

    • Have your child color in a winter themed picture such as a snowflake or snowman

    • Laying on the stomach while coloring will help to strengthen the core and back muscles as well as muscles in the arm by pushing through the arms in order to keep the head lifted

    • You can also challenge your child’s arm and core strength by having them draw while standing by putting the paper on the wall overhead

  • “Simon Says”

    • Work on listening and motor skills with this classic game

    • Imitating the various positions and movements while watching the leader demonstrate will also help to develop your child’s proprioceptive system


  • Playing in the snow

    • Playing in the snow was always a favorite winter activity of mine

    • Make snow angels

    • Build a snowman

    • Use food coloring in spray bottles to create colorful creations in the snow  

    • Sledding: You’re never too old to work on tummy time

  • Ice skating

    • This family activity is sure to challenge everyone’s balance

Stay safe and warm this winter. Share some of your favorite winter activities and photos with us!

Tara Liddle